Foldable Shoes Boots Support Frame (3pcs)

  • $ 36.00

  • Foldable design, fits for any sizes and any styles of boots. Adjustable for ankle-high, calf-high, and knee-high boots.
  • Hold your boots upright and keep them in good shape, reduce cracking and sagging in case of crumples or distortion.
  • You can clip desiccants and deodorants in boots with two side clips on the boots shoes shaper holder.

 Item specifics:

  • Material:Plastic.
  • Size:Fold: 33 cm* 9.5 cm/Open :51 cm*3 cm.
  • Conversion:1 inch = 25.4 mm or 1 mm = 0.0393 inch.
  • Weight:87.000 g/PC.
  • Quantity: 3 pcs.