Double Sided Flat Mop

  • $ 26.00

Creative double sided flat mop with self-cleaning function. it's easy to clean stubborn stain, free your hand from cleaning. Adjustable stainless steel poles allowed to adjust length and clean the corner.Perfect for cleaning kitchen, living room, bathroom and ceiling also suits for hotel and hall.
  • Hands free squeezing device, easy to operate. Your hands never touch the dirty water. 
  • 360 degree rotating function allows you to clean the corner, also cleaning hair, tile floor, wood floor, wall, furniture surface and so on.
  • Stainless Steel Mop shaft, more reliable and flexible. The mop head with the use of ultra-fine fiber, durable and particularly with strong water absorption. 
  • Double-sided cleaning head, which lets you flip from dirty side to clean side so you can keep mopping without stopping. Or go from wet pad to dry pad without wasting any time.
    How to maintain your Mop Head? 
    • Wash below 50 degrees water temperature. 
    • Dehydration dry and do not soak for a long time. 
    • Do not dip acidic detergent. 
    • Keep away from high temperatures. 

    Packaging includes:

    • 1 x Self-filter mantle base;
    • 1x Stainless steel mop handle;
    • 2x Reusable microfiber pads.